sleep deprivation

Is Getting More Sleep the Best Way to Prevent Back Pain?

Sleep has always been a mystery for medical science. It is a known fact everyone needs sleep to function properly and we spend a third of our life sleeping. And yet the mystery behind why we sleep has been around for a while and our medical understanding of this has improved significantly over the past […]

Physiotherapist aylesbury

Why It Is Best To Consult A Physiotherapist After a Fall

Do you know that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations and deaths in adults who are 65 years of age and older? One in 3 seniors fall each year and it sometimes results in serious injuries.  Many people sustain injuries due to falls that are not serious enough for a visit to the[…..]

Physiotherapy for Athletes

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Athletes

Being an athlete is a physically and mentally demanding process. You have to be 100 percent committed if you want to be a successful athlete. If you consider yourself in this category or you are someone who likes to engage in physical/sporting activities then you should consider yourself under the threat of injury. We all[…..]

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Can Physiotherapy Benefit Your Mental Health

Most people often assume that physiotherapy is something that is only practiced for recovering from injuries and other physical disorders. Well, physiotherapy services does indeed help with recovery and pain relief. But, along with physical recovery, it can also help us to improve our mental health and well-being. Many patients who have received physiotherapy have[…..]