Oncology Palliative Care

Oncology & Palliative Care 

Palliative care can be described as a treatment plan or approach for caring for the ones who are suffering from a life-limiting illness nine a disease or illnesses that can never be cured). Palliative care doesn’t mean that the patient is at a higher risk of dying, but it is the best option available to patients when treatments are no longer able to fully heal or cure their disease.

Patients can continue with their active treatment plans for relieving themselves from the symptoms or to slow the progression of the disease. Seeking palliative care early is an excellent option, as it will help the patient to improve his or her quality of life.

The Palliative care services offered at Entrust Care focuses on helping the patients to feel better. Our experts conduct early evaluation and assessment of the patient, which enables us to address practical issues, treat pain, and other psychosocial or physical problems.

Physiotherapists will be working along with nurses and other trained healthcare professionals to give you the best palliative care. A physiotherapist will be involved during all stages of palliative care, including diagnosis, early assessment, fitness programs, and to help the patient to stay independent as possible. Get in touch with us to know more about our Oncology & Palliative Care services.