Covid-19 rehabilitation

Everything You Should Know About Covid-19 Rehabilitation

The deadly coronavirus can affect our bodies in several ways. Most people who suffered from this virus experienced mild or moderate illness and were able to recover from it without much medical treatment. However, 14% of people who suffered from this illness have been reported to develop severe other complications that last for weeks or […]

Massage therapy

8 Signs You Need A Massage 

If we listen to our body closely, we can see that sometimes it keeps showing us various signs or “red flags” when something is wrong. But we are so busy with our everyday life that we often ignore these signs until it becomes a bigger issue! Getting a massage can be of great help for[…..]

Personal Care Assistant


Personal care assistants, also called Personal assistants in the U.K. are certainly the most significant individuals in the entire healthcare industry. A Personal Care Assistant is someone hired by the family to help the aged or impaired individual with their day to day routine.  Personal Care Assistants play an important role in the lives and[…..]

Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been practiced by humans all over the world since ancient times. Massage therapy focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and endurance. Some people find massage therapy as a solution for their injury and rehabilitation. On the other hand, some find massage therapy as an escape from their stressful life. Massage therapy is a[…..]