Find the right occupational therapist

How to Find an Occupational Therapist

Are you looking for an occupational therapist and couldn’t find the right one for your need? Well, we totally understand the stress you are going through in search of an occupational therapist. It is quite a challenge to find the right occupational therapist for most people.  So we have decided to explain some important points […]

Fall Prevention Exercises

8 Fall Prevention Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

One of the major hazards that senior citizens face during their old age is the threat of falling. Reports show that more than 1 in 4 seniors fall each year, and most of them end up with serious injuries completely affecting their peaceful normal life.  The risk of falling during old age can be due[…..]

occupational therapist

Can Occupational Therapy Help My Kid?

Childhood is surely the most important stage in terms of physical and emotional development. It is during this stage that we develop our body as well as our mind. As a parent, you have a big responsibility on your shoulders when it comes to looking after your kid. You have to keep a close eye[…..]

home care assistance

Reasons Why Seniors Prefer Homecare

The comfort we find in our own homes is something that we can’t find anywhere else. Most people in their senior years would like to spend their time in the comforts of their homes. During the elderly period, people are at a higher risk of getting illnesses or an injury from falling. So it is[…..]