Benefits of Physical Therapy for Children

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Children

Physical therapy is a medical treatment method that helps treat various conditions, injuries, and illnesses. And, it is not something restricted to older adults but also people from all age groups can earn the benefits of it, and it includes even small children. Physical therapy (PT) helps an individual to maintain, restore, and promote their […]

How Physiotherapy Can Help PTSD

How can Physiotherapy Help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is described as a psychiatric condition that has been noticed in people who have been through terrible life experiences such as sexual violence or life-threatening illness. In addition to that, PTSD is common in people who have survived some serious injury from an accident, childhood abuse, or witnessed traumatic situations[…..]

Falls in elderly

7 Causes of Falls in the Elderly

Falls in elderly people are a common occurrence and older adults commonly suffer injuries from falling. And, sometimes these can even lead to serious issues, even death! While everybody of all ages is at risk of falling, elders are much more at the risk and sustaining severe injuries. Studies have shown that every one in[…..]

benefits of physiotherapy

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Older Adults

When it comes to Physiotherapy, everyone of all ages can yield the benefits from it. It helps people of all ages to recover from a range of health problems, but it is often considered to be just for younger people. However, physiotherapy can also be hugely beneficial for older or elderly people, as it can[…..]