causes of shoulder pain

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain And How Physiotherapy Can Help

With several bones, joints, tendons and muscles, our shoulder is considered as one of the most movable and flexible joints in our body. This also puts our shoulders at high risk of suffering from pain and injury. As we rely on our shoulders to do several activities in our day-to-day life like lifting, reaching, playing […]

Massage therapy aylesbury

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Running Injuries

Running is considered to be a popular activity among competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They spent a lot of time running tracks, outdoors, and on treadmills. In most cases, runners can suffer from common running injuries and other pain which can potentially result in long-term damages. Luckily, massage therapy can help runners who fall victim[…..]

in home physiotherapy aylesbury

Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home

You might be pretty familiar with the term physiotherapy, but do you know what exactly it refers to? Well, in this article we will give you a clear idea about physiotherapy and the benefits of in home physiotherapy aylesbury that one can get even from their home.  Physiotherapy is a treatment method used when somebody[…..]

types of gait disorders

Types of Gait Disorders

Before we discuss what gait disorders are, it is important to understand what gait is! A person’s pattern of walking is referred to as gait. Our walking pattern involves a coordinated and balanced movement of our body muscles so that we are impelled forward in a rhythm. This rhythmic forward movement is also known as[…..]