Personal Assistant

Personal Care Assistant

Most patients wish to get personalized and quality support that is specifically designed for them, but they rarely get access to such healthcare services. It is true that hiring a personal assistant used to be a challenging and expensive process until a few years ago. However, that’s not the case anymore, as Entrust Care can offer affordable and high-quality personal assistance to patients as part of their personal care assistant aylesbury service.

Patients who have access to a qualified personal assistant will be able to offer personal healthcare support, which will help you to get better at a rapid pace. We can assure that the support offered by our personal assistant will exactly match your exact requirements.

The qualifications, experiences, and types of services offered by our personal assistants may vary significantly. So, you can easily find the right personal assistant for your unique medical care needs. The personal assistants at Entrust Care have met essential care standards in the industry and are focused on offering the best service to all patients.

Why Us

We at Entrust Care understand that one of the most important requirements of elderly people or seniors who wish to live independently is to have someone who can take care of their daily activities. This is where our personal care assistants can help them. 

The personal care assistants at our disposal makes it possible for seniors to meet their needs while living in the comfort of their home or a familiar environment. A personal care assistant aylesbury who is at Entrusted Care will be trained in such a way that he or she is capable of offering different types of services to elders and others who are living in their homes. 

Individuals who are suffering from a mental or physical disability and seniors who are unable to perform their daily activities generally seek the help of personal care assistants. If you want to know more about personal care assistant aylesbury services, then feel free to contact us.

How It Works 

One of the best things about our personal care assistant services is that the patient will be able to select a care provider of his or her choice. This is something that will give patients great comfort, as they are given the luxury to identify and select the right care provider who meets their unique requirements or needs. 

Individuals who are choosing a personal care assistant from Entrust Care can opt for a free general care consultation. We help patients by directly connecting them to the right personal care assistants or providers. We at Entrust Care will vet each personal care assistant and ensure that they are skilled, certified, and experienced to do the job. 

What Makes Us Unique

The personal care assistant services offered at Entrust Care are a lot flexible and affordable when compared to the same services that you will get from a care company. The personal care assistants with us will be a lot more involved. In fact, they will allow the patients to make his or her decisions. 

We can help you arrange a direct face to face or online meeting with your preferred personal care assistant. During the meeting, you will be able to clear your doubts and concerns. We firmly believe that such a session will help the patient to know about the personal care assistant and understand how it really works.

Our Specialties 

We at Entrust Care charge a reasonable price from patients. In fact, we offer affordable and cost-effective treatment plans to patients. Our individually customized plans will help patients to find what they want without any hassles. The patient can choose what care they need from a wide range of options such as they can opt for hourly care, live-in care, overnight care, and more. 

Patients will be able to discuss their care needs with a healthcare provider or registered nurse during the initial consultation. We will be providing a free consultation session to all patients. We accept both self-funded and local-authority funded patients. 

Why Choose Entrust Care 

We understand that communication will be essential when hiring a personal care assistant. This is why we will provide a bilingual personal care assistant if your first language is not. However, it is important to note that the availability of the carer will depend on the language, but we will try to provide a bilingual personal care assistant if available. 

A personal care assistant will guarantee individualized care to the patient. That said, personal care assistants will not just care for the patient, but will also support patients. They can take the trainer with them while shopping or even when they are going on a vacation. 

Some patients will be able to complete daily activities and take care of their own. However, they might need a personal care assistant for helping with other tasks like cleaning. If that’s the case, do not worry, we can help you find the right candidate for the job. 

Entrust Care strictly keeps close tabs on NHS updates and government guidelines. In fact, we strictly follow all suggested Covid protocols and other government guidelines without fall. If you wish to know more about our personal care assistant aylesbury services, get in touch with us.