Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech therapy is often described as the treatment and assessment of speech disorders and communication problems. The treatment method of speech therapy will be performed by SLPs or speech-language pathologists, who are also called speech therapists. Speech therapy techniques can be used for improving communication.

Speech therapy treatment usually involves language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and other techniques based on language or speech disorders. Speech therapy is often required to treat speech disorders that may develop during childhood. It might also be used for treating adults who are suffering speech impairments due to an illness or injury such as brain injury or stroke.

As mentioned earlier, several types of language and speech disorders can be treated with speech therapy, such as resonance disorders, fluency disorders, articulation disorders, expressive disorders, receptive disorders, aphasia, dysarthria, cognitive-communication disorders, and more.

Speech therapy sessions at Entrust Care will initially begin with a thorough assessment by a trained speech therapist. After the initial evaluation, the speech therapist will identify the disorder along with developing a treatment plan.

Individuals may need speech therapy for either the short-term or long-term. In fact, it can vary based on the patient, and it may depend on several factors such as age, the severity of the disorder, therapy frequency, underlying medical conditions, and more.