Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

If you are someone, who has been through a traumatic experience recently, undergone surgery, or suffering from health issues that must be addressed, then you would probably be wondering what’s next. If that’s the case, then you should consider inpatient rehabilitation Aylesbury or inpatient physical therapy services.

inpatient rehabilitation Aylesbury services are available to patients with comorbidities and the ones who are in need of supervision before they are discharged. Inpatient rehabilitation services ensure 24-hour medical care for patients along with physical therapy sessions.

The best thing about inpatient rehabilitation is that it allows the patients to spend more one-on-one time with his/her inpatient physical therapist. The therapist will be working with you to help you regain movement, flexibility, strength, and functionality.

The primary goal of our inpatient rehabilitation services is to safely get you home. We will be setting this goal when you begin your stay with us so that we can come up with an efficient rehabilitation plan, which is focused on increasing your mobility or independence.

Why Us

The expert healthcare providers at Entrust Care understand that it can be quite hard to make a decision on where you want to get your next level of care. It is true that there are several different options available out there and you must consider all of them. 

However, patients who are opting for our inpatient rehabilitation aylesbury services will receive care from an expert team who clearly understands your individual requirements and situation. We also focus on helping patients to get home as fast and as healthy as possible. 

Treatment in inpatient rehabilitation clinics have proven to achieve better results and great care when compared to other types of rehabilitation programs. Patients who are reaching out to Entrust Care for inpatient rehabilitation services will be able to achieve the following. 

  • Return home sooner
  • Low chances of readmission to hospitals after or during the treatment
  • Increased chance of getting independent again 
  • Receive more attention from experienced and trained health care providers, which includes regular visits.

How It Works 

Patients who are undergoing inpatient rehabilitation will receive a minimum of three hours of therapy at least five days in a week. The care providers at Entrust Care will help patients to regain their independence, which they have lost after an illness or life-threatening injury. 

When you arrive at our Entrust Care center, our expert team of therapists will immediately evaluate you and start working with you. This will help them to come up with a customized plan that suits your needs. We combine occupational, physical, and speech therapy based on the unique needs of patients to help them achieve their goals. 

What Makes Us Unique 

We at Entrust Care firmly believe that patient care and satisfaction should always be our first priority. As a result, we have empowered our professional therapists with all essential tools that are needed to treat and help the patient. 

Coordinated care teams, customized treatment plans, advanced therapies, and innovative technologies is what makes us unique. These are just a few aspects of Entrust Care that have helped us to deliver the optimum level of rehabilitative care to patients. 

Why You Should Select Entrust Care For Inpatient Rehab 

Entrust Care has a team of highly trained and experienced therapists who will use innovative treatment methods and advanced technology to treat patients. Our physical therapists will be working closely with patients, physiance, and their loved ones to come up with an individualized treatment plan. 

The occupational therapists at Entrust Care will be helping patients to improve or develop skills, which are essential to complete daily activities like completing housework, preparing meals, eating, dressing, and bathing. We understand that technology is right at the heart of several rehab therapies, which is why we put great focus on using them to treat patients. 

What Is the Goal of Inpatient Rehab ? 

The primary goal of inpatient rehab is to help the patient to restore his or her function as fully as possible. If necessary, therapists will teach patients how they can do things or tasks differently if functions can longer be restored to their previous levels. 

Why Would I Need Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehabilitation is an efficient treatment option for individuals who are experiencing severe issues with alcohol or drugs. In addition to that, inpatient rehab will also help patients who are suffering from different types of mental health issues. Living at our facility will help you avoid influences and temptations in daily life, which might trigger substance or alcohol use. 

Is Inpatient Rehab Better Than Outpatient Rehab? 

It is important to remember that the success of outpatient rehab programs will depend on the ability of the patient to regularly attend and take part in the sessions. If you are someone who feels that you need a monitored and structured treatment, then you should consider inpatient rehab. 

Is an Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital Right for Me?

Inpatient rehab is the ideal setting for individuals who need occupational or physical therapy along with speech therapy. The experienced team of therapists at our disposal will initially assess your current condition when you get admitted. This will help them to determine how long the therapy sessions should be based on your goals and tolerance levels. 

What Types of Patients Are Treated in Inpatient Rehabilitation Units?

If you are experiencing any of the following, then you should consider checking yourself into our inpatient rehabilitation Aylesbury center. 

  • Brain injury
  • Stroke
  • Multiple traumas
  • Total knee replacement
  • Femur or hip fractures
  • Pulmonary or cardiovascular issues