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Why It Is Best To Consult A Physiotherapist After a Fall

Do you know that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations and deaths in adults who are 65 years of age and older? One in 3 seniors fall each year and it sometimes results in serious injuries. 

Many people sustain injuries due to falls that are not serious enough for a visit to the emergency department, but they still require medical attention. How can you protect yourself from falling? What should you do if you’ve fallen? What happens if you wait too long?

Falls Can Lead To Serious Injuries 

Falls can be serious because they often lead to injuries that require medical attention. Here are a few examples to help you understand. 

A patient who falls and breaks their hip may need surgery to repair the fracture (if it’s not too bad). 

The surgeon will also perform an X-ray on your pelvic bones as part of his or her assessment before deciding whether this type of surgery is necessary for you.

If you hit your head during a fall—even if it’s minor enough not even to leave a bruise—you could suffer brain damage or nerve damage. This is due to compression from swelling around nerves being pinched between bone fragments after being broken off inside tissue.

Your body is changing as you age. One of the biggest changes is the loss of balance and coordination, which can lead to falls. Falls are particularly dangerous for older adults because they require more time and energy to recover from than younger people do after a fall. 

Another important thing to note is that falls can be serious—even fatal—and may result from physical or mental impairment. Let us consider a few scenarios.

  • Hip fractures are common among those who have suffered multiple falls or other trauma over time. These fractures occur most often when osteoporosis has weakened bones around the hip joint. 
  • Head injuries from falls can cause permanent damage such as brain hemorrhage or concussion. 

If a fall has resulted in an injury, but the extent of your injuries is relatively minor and does not require immediate attention from emergency services, it may be worth seeing a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist Aylesbury can help you recover from any kind of injury and prevent future instances of them from occurring.

Why Seek The Help Of A Physiotherapist

An experienced physiotherapist Aylesbury will also offer treatments for patients who have been injured in falls because they’ve had a medical condition that makes them more susceptible to falling over.

There are several ways you can prevent yourself from falling.

  • Wear shoes with good soles and support. Shoes that have a lot of cushioning or padding in them are likely to cause you to lose balance when walking, which could make it easier for you to fall on stairs or uneven ground.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when going out into public spaces (older people should avoid bright colors). If possible, use a harness while riding your bike so that if something were to happen while riding, there would be no risk of falling over and injuring yourself further—even if the bike itself had been damaged by the accident!
  • Try to maintain good balance because it makes walking easier but also. In addition to that, it helps protect against falls due to accidents like being hit by cars while crossing roads at intersections where traffic lights aren’t working properly. 

Falls are a very common cause of injury, and they can be serious if they happen to you. But if you take care of yourself by getting checked out by a qualified doctor or physiotherapist Aylesbury as soon as possible after a fall, your chances of having any lasting injuries are greatly reduced. On the other hand, if you wait too long before seeking medical attention then your chances will increase dramatically. So stay safe!