Chartered Physiotherapy

Chartered Physiotherapy

The health profession of physiotherapy focuses on helping individuals who are suffering from pain, disability, or an injury. Physiotherapy will help patients to get better and complete everyday tasks without any hassles. The care providers at Entrust Care who specialize in physiotherapy in Aylesbury are experienced and trained health care professionals who help patients to develop, restore, and maintain functional ability and movement.

Physiotherapists help patients to relieve pain along with treating other physical conditions. The qualified physiotherapists who specialize in physiotherapy in Aylesbury focusses on promoting the physical independence of patients, which will help them to better manage their conditions outside the healthcare facility.

Designing and prescribing interventions that are specific to the patient whose function and movement are threatened by injury, disease, pain, ageing, illness, environmental factors, or disease. If you want to seek the help of a reliable and experienced chartered physiotherapist, get in touch with us because we are here to help you.

Why Us

The chartered physiotherapists at Entrust Care have received the highest level of training. A chartered physiotherapist will have a detailed understanding of how the human body works. They would have also received specialized training in the treatment and diagnosis of joint and muscle pain.

Several people often interchangeably use the terms ‘physical therapist’ and physiotherapist. However, these two terms are actually quite different from one another. 

Physiotherapy can be described as a health profession, which helps people with disability, pain, or injury to get well. Chartered therapists at Entrust Care who have an extensive clinic and scientific knowledge will examine, diagnose, and treat illnesses and conditions, which affect individuals of all social groups and ages. 

Chartered physiotherapists make use of manual therapy techniques that include massage, mobilisation, and manipulation along with other procedures like acupuncture and electrotherapy. They also use prescriptive exercises for helping patients to reach their full potential. 

Selecting a chartered physiotherapist from Entrust Care will help you guarantee that you have chosen a health care practitioner, who is committed to upholding the highest ethical and medical standards.

What Makes Us Unique 

At Entrust Care, we make sure that each patient has been given a clear prognosis diagnosis after the initial evaluation. The physiotherapists with us examine the comprehensive history of the patient and conduct evidence-based testing for determining diagnosis. 

If we identify that the symptoms of the patient are not amenable for physiotherapy services, we will help you find the appropriate treatment plan that suits the patient. The team at Entrust Care will work closely for facilitating a holistic approach for the health care of the patient. 

How It Works 

Physiotherapy is a treatment procedure that is based on the study of anatomy, neuroscience, and physiology. The primary aim of the process is to restore proper functioning of the patient’s body. This will in turn help him or her to perform their daily activities with ease and cut down the risk of further injuries. 

Most other branches of medicine heavily rely on surgery and medications for treating diseases and injuries. However, physiotherapy makes use of physical methods like exercise, movement, and message to treat patients. Physiotherapy can be either used for improving the general well-being of the patient or to treat specific injuries. 

Why Choose Entrust Care For Physiotherapy 

We at Entrust Care focus on delivering higher standards of healthcare to patients. In other words, patients at Entrust Care will receive higher levels of care that will improve their overall well-being and prevent the risk of further injury. 

We guarantee that all our patients will receive one-on-one and highly individualized care, which will help them obtain faster and better outcomes. One-on-one sessions with a trained physiotherapist enables us to come up with a plan that meets the specific needs of a patient. 

What Exactly Does A Physiotherapist Do?

Physiotherapists will help individuals with disabilities, illness, and injury to get better through manual therapy, exercise, and other ways. Physiotherapists help people of different age groups and enable patients to prevent diseases and manage pain. 

What Does Physiotherapy Treatment Really Mean

Physiotherapy can be described as a treatment procedure that focuses on maintaining and restoring the function, well-being, and mobility of a patient. Experienced and trained physiotherapists will help you with injury prevention and fasten your recovery. 

Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral to Book an Appointment?

You might or might not need a referral from a doctor to book an appointment with us. It is best to get in touch with us first, as it will help you to get a clear idea on how we work, how we can help you, and what services we offer. 

Is Physiotherapy Painful?

It is true that some patients often experience pain during physiotherapy treatment. That said, it will just be a minor discomfort or mild pain in most cases. It is best to consult with our physiotherapist, as it will help you to get a clear idea what to expect during the treatment procedure. 

What To Expect On The First Visit?

During your initial visit to our Entrust Care for physiotherapy in Aylesbury , our physiotherapist will ask you a few questions regarding your present health conditions and past medical history. We will conduct an initial evaluation to figure out what treatment option is best suited for you. 

What Can Physiotherapy Cure?

Physiotherapy can be used to cure and treat a wide range of health conditions. For instance, it can be used to treat back and neck pain caused by issues in the skeleton and muscles. It can also treat problems in the ligaments, muscles, joints, bones, and several other conditions. 

How Frequent And How Long?

The frequency of the treatment will vary from one patient to another and it will depend on the severity of their condition. However, in most cases, patients will need approximately 6 to 8 weeks of treatment. After evaluating your progress, the physiotherapist will lessen the frequency to 1 visit per week. 

Should I Rest After Physiotherapy

It is important to understand the rest is very important when you are recovering. You might not be able to see any progress without proper rest. You will need to take part in rehab exercises during the recovery period. It is best to consult with our experts who specialize in physiotherapy in Aylesbury to get a better idea