About Us

Entrust Care Ltd was founded to deliver effective and exceptional rehabilitation services to its clients to improve their quality of life and are partnered with Westgate Health Care to provide recuperation from illness or surgery in our therapy led multidisciplinary inpatient unit at Hampden Hall Care Centre in Buckinghamshire. Whether to reduce hospital stay for patients or to support accidents victims of accident and injury and our rehabilitation therapy offers new methods to promote physical ability to aid recovery thus improving overall quality of life.

We work in collaboration with general practitioners, physio therapists, occupational therapists, spinal and neurology consultants, speech and language therapist, social workers and other specialists that may already be working with clients. We can create a dream team for an individual’s needs or fit into a plan an existing team has already devised.

About Entrust Care


At Entrust Care we believe holistic and individualised approach that involves the patient directly in own care is the key to effective Rehabilitation and Reablement. We totally understand same diagnosis does not mean same abilities and needs. We consider individual’s mental and physical health knowing that the influence of one on another can be significant and do not merely focus on your/ your loved one’s diagnosis alone.

  • Mission
    We will endeavor to provide an exceptionally positive customer experience by making at least one positive difference and promote honesty, integrity and openness in all we do. We foster an environment of collaboration.
  • Vision
    Through our commitment to our mission and our community, caring, innovative solutions, individual focused programs and reward for result culture Entrust will develop a national network of rehabilitation services that will enrich the lives of our service users, caregivers and families.

Working in partnership / So that you can Entrust your Care to us

We strive to equip our clients to live their lives, fulfil their maximum potential and optimise their contribution to family life, their community and society as a whole. We achieve this by focusing on the impact that the health condition, developmental difficulty or disability has on the person’s life, rather than focusing just on their diagnosis. It involves working in partnership with the person and those important to them so that they can maximise their potential and independence.