Home Adaptations & Equipment

Home Adaptations & Equipment

Home adaptations can be described as changes that you can make to your house. Home adaptation helps patients to make their homes a lot safer so that they can move around easily and complete everyday tasks without any difficulties. We at Entrust Care will thoroughly assess your home and make necessary changes.

Some of the changes suggested may include the following.

● Adding a walk-in shower or bath lift
● Widening doorways
● Installing intercom systems or outside lights
● Lowering the kitchen worktops

Apart from this, during the home assessment, we might also recommend the use of household gadgets and equipment for making your life easier. If you or one of your friends or family members are concerned about falling or need help to complete everyday tasks, it is best to get in touch with us for a home assessment.

During the home assessment session, a trained occupational therapist from Entrust Care will assess your home. They may ask you a few questions and walk with you to understand what you are struggling with. This is why it is important to tell the patients about the things or tasks that you find to be difficult.

Making small changes to your home or using special gadgets or equipment can be of great help if you are finding it hard to do some things. It is best to get in touch with Entrust Trust to learn more about home adaptations and equipment.