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Why New Mothers Should Visit a Physiotherapist

The early days and weeks after giving birth can be quite challenging for most new mothers. It will indeed be an awesome and beautiful time, but you will also experience several challenges such as sleep deprivation. Your newborn will be the center of attention, which is why some mothers often forget to take care of […]

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Why Physiotherapy Is Better Than Chiropractic?

We were able to witness allied health professions gaining traction in recent years. Among them, physical therapy or physiotherapy is the most notable one. There are hundreds of other alternative medicines too which have gained popularity sometimes in the past but later on declined due to less engagement from the public. Among them, the most[…..]

Occupational Therapy For Adults

5 Occupational Therapy Activities for Kids and Adults

There is no denying the fact that several children and adults suffer from cognitive, physical, or sensory problems. Many studies and research are frequently conducted by experts in the field of medical science. They aim to improve their living conditions by providing them with better care, training, and treatment. Occupational Therapy (OT), for instance, is[…..]

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Why Physiotherapy Might Be a Great Idea for You

There is probably no one out there who hasn’t heard the term “physiotherapy”, additionally known as physical therapy (PT) at least once in their life. However, chances are that you might not really know what it means. Physical therapy is not a mainstream health profession like dentistry or nursing or optometry. However, it is one[…..]