Home Visit Therapy

Home Visit Therapy

Home visits enable therapists to analyse, identify, and treat the difficulties and problems of patients when they are doing everyday tasks at their homes. Occupational therapists will be able to provide adequate treatment to patients at their homes, assess risks, and discuss the use of adaptive aids and other equipment if necessary through home visit therapy Aylesbury service. 

Home visits will be designed excluded based on the convenience of patients. As mentioned earlier, the therapist will be travelling to your home to offer a wide range of treatment methods that will help the patient to get better. If you wish to learn more about home visit therapy Aylesbury and how it can help you or your family member, it is best to get in touch with us.

How It Works 

Home visit therapy services offered at Entrust Care involve a trained, skilled, and experienced therapist visiting your home to treat you. During the initial visit, the therapist will thoroughly evaluate you and ask you a few questions about your present health condition and medical history. 

After completing the evaluation, the therapist will recommend a treatment plan that suits you. Home visit therapy is an ideal treatment option for patients who prefer to live at their home, and not move to a clinic or health care center for treatment. 

Why Opt For Home Visit Therapy 

One of the best things about home visit therapy is that it gives patients the option to undergo treatment at the comfort of their home. Since they are living in an environment that is familiar with them, patients will be happy and they won’t feel any sort of discomfort. 

We at Entrust Care understand that some patients might not be able to visit our clinic due to transportation issues, disabilities, and other issues. This is one of the major reasons why we focus on bringing the clinic to your home. 

The home visit therapy services offered at Entrust Care currently include physiotherapy and occupational therapy. That said, we are planning to include other services including psychology assessment and counseling to help patients. 

Why Choose Entrust Care 

Entrust Care’s home visit therapy services focuses on helping patients by treating them at their home. Patients who have undergone knee or hip surgery and the ones who have recovered from Covid will surely need reliable, quality, and affordable care, which is where we can help you. 

If required, we are happy to communicate with your care providers or GP. Patients who are signing up for our home visit therapy Aylesbury service will be able to opt for monthly, weekly, or hourly based care as per their need. 

We understand that the family members of the patient might want to be present during the treatment process. This is why we will happily allow your loved ones to be present with you during the home visit therapy. Contact us to know about our home visit therapy Aylesbury services.