Find the right occupational therapist

How to Find an Occupational Therapist

Are you looking for an occupational therapist and couldn’t find the right one for your need? Well, we totally understand the stress you are going through in search of an occupational therapist. It is quite a challenge to find the right occupational therapist for most people. 

So we have decided to explain some important points you can keep in mind before choosing an occupational therapist for yourself or any of your loved ones.

In this article, we will discuss some important factors that you should consider before choosing an occupational therapist so that the needs of your loved ones can be fulfilled:


To be an occupational therapist, you must have to clear certain board exams and must have a license to practice occupational therapy in the area.  So before you consider choosing a particular occupational therapist, learn how much experience they have in this field. 

It will always be for good if the therapist you are looking for has a good amount of knowledge in their field and knows what they are doing. An occupational therapist with a good amount of experience will know a lot of techniques and strategies that will help you or your loved ones to improve. Also, they would have a lot of experience handling various types of cases that are likely similar to yours. 

Quality of Results

At the end of the day, results matter the most. So considering the rate of good results they have is something you should check when choosing an occupational therapist. 

While it is also true that it is quite impossible to measure the results of occupational therapy. Showing proper results depends on various factors such as the condition, age of the patients, and such. 

It always involves some trial and error method. Some people even spend years with their occupational therapist in order to have the desired results.

Even so, if you don’t see much improvement even after a considerably long period, it is best to reconsider your choice. There is no shame in choosing another occupational therapist if you can’t accomplish the desired results. 

The Personality of the Occupational Therapist

No matter how experienced they are, you need to consider their personality as well before making your choice. The personality of your occupational therapist can be a crucial factor in the whole treatment process. 

Occupational therapy requires teamwork between the patient, therapist, as well as the family members. And you need to work with someone, whom you and your loved ones are comfortable with. 

Being comfortable with your occupational therapist is a very important factor. The treatment process involves various exercises to help you improve your mobility and flexibility. Being comfortable with them makes your treatment process less stressful.

Location of Your Occupational Therapist

Another important factor to consider while choosing an occupational therapist is their location. It would be really easy and convenient for you if your occupational therapist is located somewhere within a short drive distance from your home. 

Choosing an occupational therapist at a long drive distance can cause a lot of trouble in the long run. You might find it difficult to manage your appointments with your therapist along with your daily life. 

Always remember you should always try not to miss any appointments with your therapist. You need to stick to the treatment sessions regularly. So it would be better if you could find an occupational therapist near you. If you are ready to take the risk of long travel then there is nothing wrong with choosing a therapist from a long distance.  

Referrals and Reviews

Asking your friends or other family members can be a great way to find the right occupational therapist. Those who already have an experience with an occupational therapist could give you an in-depth view of what and what not to expect from the treatment. 

Start asking your family doctor first for a referral. Collect all the necessary information from them so that it could help you make the right choice.

Just like we check reviews before we buy a product, make sure to check the reviews for the occupational therapy service provided by a particular OT.  Do your own research from any credible source so that you have a clear idea about what you are getting into.  

Cost of Treatment

Last but not the least, the price charged by the occupational therapist is another crucial factor to consider before making the final choice. Understanding the cost involved and the price charged by the occupational therapist will help you prepare for the treatment financially. 

Make sure to discuss all possible expenses regarding the therapy with your therapist. Proceed with the treatment only if you can afford it or if your insurance covers it. 

And also make sure to clear all the doubts regarding the payment option as well. Ask if there is any reimbursement through insurance or if you need to pay upfront.


Choosing the right occupational therapist does involve some effort. You need to be patient and spend some time finding the best occupational therapist for your needs. Make sure to keep all the points in mind we mentioned above to find the right occupational therapist.

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